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launching soon  🚀

First things first: thanks for coming here, we love you 💖

We’ve gone and made a thing. It’s a garment that solves a specific problem, and this problem affects almost everyone. Very likely you, too.

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Early Reviews

these folks got their hands on our prototype

I’m in the petite category, so having these universal features on me changes the game. In fact, it levels the playing field. They give me the same access and potential as (almost) everyone else.


Director in Tech

They are so comfortable and it just makes sense. They make me feel safer and the thought and care that went into designing really shows. 


Flight Attendant &
Marathon Runner

When you know, you know!
I cannot believe how obvious it is, why aren’t all garments built like this?
Kudos to the team, I want one as soon as available.


Project lead in Tech

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PACIFIC PROJECTS is a new brand made with  ❤️ at Studio Gütig, a product development lab mostly based in Seattle. We make good, kind things.